Fairview Township

Located in Minnesota's Recreational Paradise

High Speed Internet, Television and Telephone Services Are Now Available Throughout the Township

 This past March, CTC received a grant from the state of Minnesota to install fiber optic cable through the un-served portions of Fairview Township, predominantly along the Cty 77 corridor. The crew has worked through the summer laying the cable and are now making connections to individual homes and businesses. They are giving priority to installing high speed internet connections to customers who had been receiving service from the SOMA system, which has been discontinued.  Telephone and television connections will follow.

The grant received by CTC did not allow for installation on three roads in the Timber Ridge - Gull Lake development (Gull Lake Dr, Norway Pine and White Pine) which are the last roads in the township without high speed or cable service. A recent meeting with SciCable was quite fruitful in that they agreed to service the roads that were not included in the CTC install. SciCable has already installed fiber cable on the three roads listed above and anticipate starting to make actual connections to homes after the 1st of November. As with CTC, the home installations will be done in tiers, with priority given to year-round residents, or where service will be needed in the winter months. 

If you are within the CTC service area and have not made arrangements to connect to their service, you may contact Mona at 218-454-1240 for information and to set-up a home install.
SciCable will start contacting residents of Timber Ridge-Gull Lake in groups of 12 at a time, as they move through each tier. You may visit their website at: www.scicable.com