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Fairview Township
Located in Minnesota's Recreational Paradise

Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 11:55 AM
Work on the trail started June 1st!
Over the next weeks and months you will see survey crews, big machinery, and lots of dirt moving as the Fairview Trail grows longer. This 3.1-mile segment will extend from Sandy Point Rd (right where the Lake Shore Trail ends), follow along the Cty 77 right-of-way, and end just south of Sunshine's Summerhouse (at the entrance to the Rardins gravel pit).
We have worked hard to be awarded grants form the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission ($167,280), The DNR Regional Parks and Trails fund ($300,000), the DNR Federal Parks and Trail fund ($150,000) and the Environmental Natural Resources Trust Fund through the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources ($1,394,000). The estimated cost of this 3.1-mile portion of the trail is $2,059,000. Unfortunately, our funds didn't stretch far enough to complete the last .6-miles, but we're working on grant applications to make that final connection.
As a comparison, the first 4.1-miles of trail cost a total of $1,858,997, but we were working with a much more even terrain. 
Construction crews are working with some steep slopes on this portion of the trail, which will mean lots of big trucks will be shuttling large loads of fill to raise the height in the ditches. They will be doing their best to make traffic aware, but drive cautiously when you're in the construction area.
We're expecting the trail to be ready for use by September, if the weather cooperates. 
If you have any questions about this project, feel free to contact us at the town hall: And if you'd like to make a donation to help us cover the matching funds needed for the DNR grants, please contact about that, too!!


Local Board of Appeal & Equalization


Notice is hereby given, that the Board of Appeal and Equalization for the Township of Fairview, Cass County, Minnesota, shall meet on Tuesday, April 19th, 2022, at 1:00 PM                      
This meeting is Virtual Only. ZOOM MTG ID: 869 8769 1059
                  Contact Cass County Assessor’s Office at 218-547-7298 for instructions.  

The purpose of this meeting is to determine whether taxable property in the jurisdiction
has been properly valued and classified by the assessor, and to determine whether corrections need to be made.
                If you believe the value or classification of your property is incorrect, please contact
your Assessor’s office to discuss your concerns. If you are still not satisfied with the
valuation or classification after discussing it with your assessor, you may appear before
the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization. The Board shall review the valuation, classification, or both if necessary, and shall correct it as needed. Generally, an appearance before your Local Board of Appeal and Equalization is required by law before and appeal
can be taken to the County Board of Appeal and Equalization.

                                      Given under my hand this 4th day of March 2022                                                   
Marla Preston-Yoho,               Clerk of the Township of Fairview


2022 Meeting Schedule
Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 10:35 AM



Meeting                                 Date                                        Time                       Zoom Meeting ID

January Board Meeting            Thursday, January 6th               6:00*/ 6:30 PM           899 5455 7826 

February Board Meeting           Tuesday, February 8th            6:00*/ 6:30 PM           896 3074 3696 

March Board Meeting               Thursday, March 3rd               6:00*/ 6:30 PM          828 2461 1903 

Township Annual Meeting         Tuesday, March 8th                     6:30 PM                     858 3297 7541

April Board Meeting                  Tuesday, April 12th                 6:00*/ 6:30 PM          899 2123 1429 

Local Board of Appeal &             Tuesday, April 19th               1:00 PM                     869 8769 1059

May Board Meeting                   Tuesday, May 10th                  6:00*/ 6:30 PM           

June Board Meeting                  Tuesday, June 14th                  6:00*/ 6:30 PM           

July Board Meeting                    Tuesday, July 12th                  6:00*/ 6:30 PM 
August Primary Election             Tuesday, August 9th               7:00 AM-8:00 PM

August Board Meeting                Tuesday, August 11th               6:00*/ 6:30 PM 

September Board Meeting          Tuesday, September 13th          6:00*/ 6:30 PM 

October Board Meeting               Tuesday, October 11th              6:00*/ 6:30 PM 

November General Election         Tuesday, November 8th            7:00 AM-8:00 PM

November Board Meeting            Tuesday, November 10th            6:00*/ 6:30 PM 

December Board Meeting            Tuesday, December 14th           6:00*/ 6:30 PM 

*NOTE: Board Meets 6:00 to review Claims, Business portion of meeting starts at 6:30 PM 


Cass County Planning Commission will hold their monthly Field Inspections on the following dates:
     January 3rd, February 7th,   March 7th,        April 4th,    May 2nd,   June 6th,     July 5th,
     August 1st,     September 6th,     October 3rd,        November 7th,           December 5th.
Fairview Township may or may not have agenda items at these meetings. Specific agenda notification will be provided by the Cass County Environmental Services Department. Two or more Fairview Township Supervisors may be in attendance if a Fairview Township property is on the agenda.
NOTE: Cass County Planning Commission Hearings are held one week later (2nd Monday) at the Land Office in Backus





Fairview now has two weather warning sirens!

Fairview Township now has two solar powered weather warning sirens.
The first is located on County Rd 77 across from the Town Hall. This siren system has a Whoop siren and a voice warning, both of which are broadcast over four Omni-directional speakers.
The second is located on County Rd 1 on an easement contributed by the Minnesota DNR. This rotating siren is a large rectangular speaker with 16 horns.
These sirens are primarily placed to warn residents and tourists who may be outside of their homes, in the forest or out on the water. The sirens are triggered by the Sheriff's Emergency Management department in Walker with notification by local law enforcement officials.
Both sirens will be tested on the first Wednesday of every month, usually between 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon.


NIXLE ... a proven Emergency Notification System

Stay instantly informed of trusted, neighborhood-level public safety and community information, delivered through the Cass County Sheriff's office.
You choose the information you want,  all delivered at no cost, by text message, email and web.
Sign up now at    Click below to find out more.....


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