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Fairview Township
Located in Minnesota's Recreational Paradise

NIXLE ... a proven Emergency Notification System

  In 2011, Cass County Sheriff Tom Burch introduced a new emergency communications service called NIXLE. This system allows the Sheriff's Office to send important, valuable community information directly to residents using cell phone and e-mail technology.
  This information service allows messages to be created and sent to subscribed residents instantly by cell phone text message and/or e-mail. Messages may include weather notifications, missing children, sex offender notifications, road closures and other relevant safety and community information. This system is proving to be a very reliable tool that is free for us to use. It was especially relevant last July when the "supercell" hit Fairview Township and the surrounding area. Those who received the NIXLE alert about severe weather were able to take precautions, thus averting any deaths or injuries from that destructive storm.
     The messages they send can be sent to specific residents within 1/4 mile or to our entire jurisdiction, giving residents of Cass County the ability to receive trustworthy information relevant to their area. Subscribers decide what information they would like to receive and what method they would like to receive it by. There is no spam or hidden costs, although standard text messaging rates may apply, depending on your phone package.
   Residents of Cass County can immediately begin receiving important information by text message or e-mail just by going to and clicking on Sign Up Now. The link will also be available on the Cass County website at, click on Departments and then click on Sheriff.
   This system is in no way replacing the other information sources, such as local news and radio, or the weather warning sirens. It is just another tool to supply Cass County residents with vital information in a secure and timely manner.
    We are very excited about the success of this system and invite you to check out the website and sign up. And again, there is no cost to subscribe to this service, unless you select notices via text message and your program requires you to pay a charge per text message.
NOTE: If you live in Fairview Township but have a Brainerd mailing address, you must use Nisswa for your city when registering on this system as it is geared towards Cass County. 

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