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Fairview Township
Located in Minnesota's Recreational Paradise

Pillager Area Fire Protection Assn

 The townships of Sylvan, Fairview, Homebrook, Rosing, the east half of May, and the City of Pillager are the governmental units that own the fire department under a joint powers agreement. The Association Board is comprised of one representative from each township and the city. The group meets monthly to take care of the months' business and bills. The Association has two stations: Station #1 is in Pillager and Station #2 is on the west side of Gull Lake in Fairview Township.

 The Pillager Fire & Rescue also supplies fire coverage for the city of East Gull Lake on a contract basis, but they are not members of the Association.

  Pillager Area Fire and Rescue  (PAFR) is the firefighting or "hands on" part of the Association. At this time there are 27 firefighters on the team. The firefighters are required to make at least 40 hours of in-house training and 25% of the runs per year. All firefighters are also required to be medical First Responder and Firefighter I with Haz Mat Ops certified within 2 years of joining the team. Most all have gone on to be Firefighter II certified. The six newer members just went through Firefighter I classes and took their state test on March 11th. These classes were taught by four of our firefighters who are state certified instructors. By having in-house certified instructors, the Association saves thousands of dollars every year.

  PAFR members serve on a volunteer basis and members are paid $5 for runs they respond to. Retired Fire Chief Randy Lee used to say "I do not think of the team from Pillager Area Fire and Rescue as just volunteers. I think of them as Professional Firefighters that volunteer". Firefighters do receive a lump sum retirement of $2,200 for each year of service after 20 years of service.

  The PAFR , as most fire departments now, do a lot more than just fight fires. Their responsibilities include responding to fight fires, medicals, vehicle accidents, ice and water rescues, searches, Haz Mat, C.O. alarms and many other calls. As the saying goes, if no one else can or will do it, "Call the Fire Department".

  Furthermore, the fires of today are not like they used to be. A fire in a new furnished home can be 3 times hotter and grow 6 times faster than it would have in a new furnished home 20 years ago.  Today's home is like a building full of cans of solid gas. Also, today's rafters and floor trusses can collapse within as little as 6 minutes of flame impingement. Twenty years ago, with the solid floor joists and nailed together rafters, it would have taken 20 minutes or more to get to the same point. The cheapest life insurance you can buy is one or more working smoke alarms on each level of your home. 

  All residents should take a good look at their driveways for emergency vehicle access. There should be at least 13 feet of height and 20 feet of width cleared of trees, branches, wires and snow banks. The firefighters must be able to get two or more trucks into the driveway and then to be able to work and move all the way around them.

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