Fairview Township

Located in Minnesota's Recreational Paradise

Fairview Township Comprehensive Plan

 In 2006 the residents of Fairview Township came together in a visioning session and a series of meetings to map a plan. This Plan was to serve as a platform for making land use decisions and provide insight for future development in the Township.

The goal of the Plan was to manage the expected growth and to protect the distinct characteristics of Fairview Township through the next twenty years.

During the winter of 2007-08 the Fairview Planning Commission reviewed key sections of the Comprehensive Plan and made suggestions for refining or making certain points more specific.

These proposed changes were presented to the Board of Supervisors, who agreed with the suggestions and adopted the revisions into the Plan in the summer of 2008.

By clicking on the link  below you may read or print out a copy of the current Fairview Township Comprehensive Plan. (Be patient, it takes a few moments...)